Healthier grilling without dripping grease into direct fire
Grilling no fuss, just fun grilling!
Mobile grill which realized your wiches

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Grill wherever, whatever the weather.

Attach the grill to the back of your car and take it where you need it, easily.

Able to grill up to 50 kg of meat or 20 chickens!

A wide selection of accessories, including a lamp, removable shelf, storage space and more.

Fast grilling and baking

Just ignite the charcoal, plug it in, skewer the meat and grill away!

Healthy and tasty grilling with charcoal

Without grease dripping directly into the fire

Czech product with CE certificate

One-of-a-kind grill

Comfortable preparation and grilling

Ideal for parties and get-togethers, festivals, and mutual borrowing between gastronomical resorts. Transport, park, and grill!

Target customers of our Prasetoc product line:

Catering services, entrepreneurs in gastronomy, hoteliers, restauranteurs, catering equipment rentals, groups of firemen, fishermen, cottagers, friends, etc. that wish to host barbecues or make catering their business.

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