Comfortable grills Prasetoc

Created, develop, and tested by gourmet Czechs!

Prasetoč PT 2015 MOBIL                                             Prasetoč PT 2015 MINI

Prasetoč History

PRASETOC, with its somewhat peculiar name, originated spontaneously when its amateur prototype years before wandered the cabin dwellings around Pilsen and amongst our friends. It significantly eased their efforts in organizing get-togethers and “roasting pigs, more chickens, hams, and even necks.” Nobody had ever called it by another name. And so we often heard the phrase: “Guys, this Saturday we need a Prasetoc!”

We wish you a wonderful dining experience at your next barbecue with our mobile Prasetoc PT 2015 Mobil.

Prasetoč – no fuss, just fun grilling!