Prasetoč PT 2015 MINI

Comfortable charcoal grill

Prasetoč 2015 PT Mini is a comfortable charcoal grill for grilling larger volumes of meat than most grills.

Prasetoč’s biggest advantage is its convenience and accessibility to any interested parties. It’s a fully equipped charcoal grill for healthier grilling.

Another great advantage is the speed of adjustment for meat and the ability to grill in all types of weather. It can grill even in the rain ,the grill is closed, so water doesn’t reach the meat or the furnace.

Simply add charcoal, ignite it, prepare the meat for brochettes and you’re ready to grill. Electric power can be taken from a regular electrical outlet or even from your car battery.

Technical specifikations PT MINI

Gallery PT MINI


Prasetoč – no fuss, just fun grilling!