Basic Description

Prasetoč PT 2015 Mobil is a highly mobile, multifunctional charcoal grill that you can hitch to a conventional passenger car and safely transport wherever you desire.

Prasetoč 2015 PT Mini is comfortable, charcoal grill, which is the smaller and more affordable option in the PT Mobile, and is of popular use in circumstances where frequent transportation isn’t needed.

Both products are entirely developed and manufactured in the Czech Republic.


Prasetoč PT 2015 Mobil has a fully equipped grill and official license plate. Its design includes a powerful engine 230V grill (you can even attach it to a 12V car battery), which is firmly built on the same type of chassis that can be pulled by your personal vehicle. Complete specifications can be found here.

Prasetoč PT 2015 is a valued, rapid, and practical helper for all operators of catering services, associations of firemen, fishermen, cottagers , friends , etc. that partake in barbecue parties or make catering their business. Roast a piglet, ham, pork, or whole chickens, etc. with speed and deliciousness. Prasetoč’s turn the engine can handle up to 50 kg of meat.

Prasetoc PT 2015 is also a product for healthier grilling.. The fuel grate is on the side, therefore preventing fat from dripping into the firebox. The meat is grilled from the side.

Prasetoc PT 2015 is equipped with a line of extremely practical aids: LED light for grilling after dark, wooden shelf, detachable grill needle tips, glove compartment, adjustable fuel grate, thermometer, two chimneys with flaps, drip bath, and more.


Prasetoc – no fuss, just fun grilling!